The BioSyn Factor and its Perks

The BioSyn® symbiotic technology comes with the animal production systems needs in obtaining a final product with the usefulness, the quality and the safety stablished by the customer market.

Previously presented as a worldwide tendency – restrictions on antibiotic use as growth promoters, nowadays is a reality. Consequently, the market adaptation to such situation is unavoidable, as well as the search for alternatives that aim the animal health and productivity increase, while the integration between the animal production industry and the applied nutritional technologies, comes according to the worldwide food safety demand.

The nutritional technology is one of the keys to the animal protein production system future success.

In such context, the BioSyn symbiotics and supplements present themselves as an extremely efficient and viable alternative. Our nutritional technology is organic and proper. Our differential – the exclusive and specific Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast strain, result from years of technological development. Its cell wall has a polysaccharide differentiated proportion, especially the mannan and glucans, very important fractions on modulating an immunocompetent response.



The BioSyn symbiotics have as composition base, besides the specific yeast, probiotic microorganisms strains such as lactobacillus, bacilli and bifidobacterial. Such microorganisms, in high concentrations, are microencapsulated, temperature resistant and compatible with the antibiotic and organic acids clinical use.

We call the BioSyn Factor, the symbiose mechanism triggered by our products ingredients interrelation.

Saccharomyces cerevisiae

The exclusive BioSyn® strain

Yeasts are an important source for obtaining products with probiotic activity, either as live linages or using their cell walls derivatives. Provenly, the yeasts beneficially act over the immune system, besides of improvements in the digestive physiology processes, contributing to better production results.

Live yeasts are not digestive microbiota common hosts in monogastric animals, thus, S. cerevisiae flows throughout the digestive tract in a live and active form not adhering to its walls. It is efficient as bioregulators and its action depends on the growth capacity.

The BioSyn® Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain presents a beta glucan high concentration in its cell wall – about 60-65% and fast growth – 4 times faster than a common strain. It is considered of last generation due to its unique features and usage flexibility. To achieve such result, the BioSyn® S. cerevisiae strain was developed to maximize its beneficial characteristics, through its fast growth, thermal resistance, and higher beta glucans concentration.



BioSyn additives, premixes and supplements have species-specific symbiotic action – each product was developed and formulated to meet the productive needs of each animal specie: beef cattle, dairy cattle, poultry, swine, and others. Its synergistic action promotes the diet components use increment, the animal health improvement, the productive indexes improvement and the final product quality.

Main differentials

  • Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast exclusive and specific strain under active (live) form, that allows a fast specific growth rate, high concentration and differentiated applying optimizing the zootechnical performance.
  • Hydrolyzed Saccharomyces cerevisiae biomass usage;
  • Usage of lactobacillus, bifidobacterial and other probiotic microorganisms specific strains, varying according to the product;
  • Use of microencapsulated and lyophilized probiotic ingredients;
  • Resistance to high temperature (70 °C to 150 °C) and time used in the industrial processes for producing extruded and pelletized food.
  • Compatible with the antibiotics and organic acids clinical usage.

Wide possibility range of productive chain usage:

  • Specific products for direct use (adding) in complete diets.
  • Specific products for inclusion in food production industrial processes (cattle, swine, poultry, pets, aquaculture etc.);
  • Specific products for direct use (adding) in water providing.
  • Products with exclusive probiotics and organic acids association.


Know a bit more of what makes us what we are


By definition, the term symbiotic is related to the synergism concept in which the prebiotics selectively favor the probiotic present in the same formulation. The symbiotic effect can be directed to distinct gastrointestinal tract “target” regions, the small and large intestines. The probiotics and prebiotics consumption properly selected increases the positive effects from each of them by stimulating the known probiotic strains inducing the symbiotic pairs ideal selection.


Live microorganisms able to improve the intestinal microbial balance producing benefic effects to the host health. There are pre-requirements as a microorganism can be considered a probiotic; among them the safety and viability are the main ones. Besides that, the viable cells number should meet the minimal required concentrations until the consumption moment and keep such viability in the digestive ecosystem, imperative condition for its performance.


Not digestible food components that selectively stimulate the desirable bacteria population proliferation or activity, such as the probiotics in the intestine.  Mentioning among the prebiotics composing the BioSyn additives and supplements, the mannan oligosaccharides (MOS) that are able to agglutinate pathogenic bacteria, preventing these population colonizing and proliferation in the intestine, and the beta-glucans that act stimulating the macrophages production and activity, that are important immune system defense cells, capable to phagocytize and destroy pathogenic microorganisms.

Intestinal health

The intestinal mucosa integrity can be changed by infectious or not infectious factors, that may hinder its development, and the animal welfare and immune response, since the mucous membranes compose the first organism defense barrier. Nutrition related factors can also affect the mucosa integrity, making difficult the nutrients digestion and absorption, leading to a low performance.

Food efficiency

The health maintenance, especially the diseases or agents that act on the gastrointestinal tract, are very important to the production. The gastrointestinal tract is the nutrient absorption way. Considering the food high representativity in the production costs, the nutrients digestive and absorptive mechanisms integrity in the digestive tract has vital relevance for a good productive performance.


The gastrointestinal tract performs an important role in protecting the organism against infections and other diseases, by preventing against pathogens invasion, toxin neutralizing, and controlling the local immune response. The gut is the biggest body immune organ, thus the gastrointestinal mucosa barrier has two fundamental protective functions, such as the structural and the functional; the last one is directly associated to the gastrointestinal immune system.